Urbanization of Santo Antonio
Urbanization of Santo Antonio

Urbanization of Santo Antonio
Urbanization of Santo Antonio

Urbanization of Santo Antonio
Urbanization of Santo Antonio

Urbanization of Santo Antonio
Urbanization of Santo Antonio



Crossing through the imposition of a city council on a North-South structural road and two East-West secondary roadways that link existing routes, the Plan created three areas with distinct vocations:

  • Residential area developed in two nuclei;

  • Urban area that integrates a diversity of equipment with housing;

  • Parking area with equipment.


The proposed intervention bets on a formally contemporary design and a landscape integration where public spaces and green areas intertwine in a generous and comfortable proportion in living terms.



Residential area:

A first nucleus is constituted by bodies of collective housing served by gardens, sports equipment and traditional trade that are organized from the central green spaces. A second nucleus of family dwellings houses, with garden and terraces, were planted leaning over the Natural Park downstream of the land.


Urban area:

This area benefits from a diversified program of collective housing, shopping center, restaurants, health club and cinema. These areas are developed along the North-South road axis, trying to reduce the impact of the road making it the widest and green public walk in an appropriation of the Spanish concept of rambla. Thinking with a strong scenic component in formal terms, and a desire to provide, to whom it goes through, an unexpected sequence of events and spaces conducted through living and leisure areas with support of restaurants and shops.


Area of ​​the Park:

Considering the existence of Santa Casa da Misericórdia building this area will be reserved for pedestrian circuits and equipment for which a hotel unit is projected, thinking as an integrated and diluted architectural structure in the landscape. The hotel will have complementary sports equipment. The first level school and the nursery were also placed in this area taking advantage of the park where various curricular and extracurricular activities can be developed. lots of collective housing have 36m² for fire, areas reserved for semi-private green areas that will be maintained and managed by the condominiums that will be built there, encouraging the cultivation of urban gardens.

The protection zone to the south will be the target of a landscape arrangement appropriate to the characteristics of this area and seeks to take advantage of the native specimens so that this space is characterized as a public usufruct zone incorporating a pedagogical farm to support the schools.

The urban design implants the architectural bodies respecting the natural slope. The planned zoning enable the construction of this Plan in a stepped way.








12 9860 m²